Bollywood Celebrities Are Too Aware For Baby Photography But We Are Not? Why? -

Bollywood Celebrities Are Too Aware For Baby Photography But We Are Not? Why?

Bollywood Baby Photography

Yes, Bollywood Celebrities are too sensitive and aware of baby photography even they capture every memorable moment. I think that photography is equal for everyone, whether it is “Celebrity” or “Common”.

Pictures have a way of keeping memories and at this time of life they give all the help we can get. Having photos helps us to remember and retell the story of our infancy beginning.

“A Picture More Than Content”Virender Siwach

“I would like to share one thing with you honestly”, my name is Geeta Sharawat and my husband’s name is Virender Siwach. I was only 21 when I gave birth to my son Pranav Siwach, and we had no experience of raising and nurturing a child. And the experience that we felt over the years as our child grew up was amazing. I would not have been able to describe if I did not have some good pictures of that time.

I am very fortunate to be a professional child photographer (Daddy Please Photography). Because of which I captured every moment of my child which we felt. His small fingers, his half-lips opened smile, grabbing my finger, his “Baby Shower” and many “Celebration”.

Don’t know how many memories in which we thought that maybe in childhood we will also be like this. One more important thing which is that our parents have also raised us with love like this only.

But they do not have a single picture of our childhood. For us, only the photographs of the school’s I-card are our childhood memories.

I am not holding my parents responsible for this. Because I know all this has happened without the knowledge of photography or power of the picture. And they now believe that they too should have cherished their children’s childhood memories.

Like a common woman, now as I shared my experience with you, in the same way, Bollywood celebrities also have experience of their infant photography.

” A good photoshoot is the first step to any Goal”. Virender Siwach

{Picture} celebrity

Celebrity is very aware there “Family Photography and Babies Photography” they save every enduring moments of their life. Because they have a curiosity about the photoshoot and understand the importance of a good picture. Before stardom all Bollywood Celebrities need a portfolio, that does not matter is they are a child actor or adult it’s compulsory for everyone.

Who does not know Shri Amitabh Bachchan, the superstar of the century and the man of the century. He has also got his granddaughter (Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai’s daughter Aaradhya Bachchan) photoshoot from time to time.

Many such famous couples keep sharing with us all on the candid picture of their children during social media. Such as Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan, Shaheed Kapoor and Meera lots of celebs doing this.

{Picture} kids portfolio DP

Good photoshoot of the newborn are kept as keepsakes with lasting memories that strengthen family bonds or It is for the emotional stability of the mother. Newborn photography is different, I try to capture in my photo sessions through “” are the best baby moments. We are based in Dwarka New Delhi – NCR. We also will travel to other locations for Newborn and Maternity photoshoot. Newborn sessions are best scheduled within the tiny ones between 8 days and 2 months of age. One very important exception, which I feel is the only area of photography that involves the photographer being completely responsible for the safety and welfare of the subject.

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